JavaScript - Basics to Advanced (9 Hours)

Experienced Professionals who want to brush up their skills in JavaScript


Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a core pillar to add functionality to a website. With the help of JS, you can build interactive web pages. Once you have a good hold on the language, you can move a step further and choose to learn either Front-end Frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS  OR  Back-end Frameworks like NodeJS. 

In this course, we will learn all about JavaScript. We will start from the basic topics like variables, code structure, arrays, etc, and move on to more advanced topics like manipulating DOM, connecting to the backend, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, etc. 
What you'll learn
  • Learn about the JavaScript from scratch
  • Learn about variables, operators, numbers, and strings in JS
  • Understand the 2 types of conditional statements: switch and if-else
  • Implement the for and the while loop
  • Learn about functions and events
  • Bonus: Learn about the basics of jQuery and how it works with JavaScript

Good understanding of HTML5 and CSS
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