Step by Step Guide to Tensorflow (4 Hours)

learn TensorFlow library from scratch


If you want to feel the pulse of a deep learning model, then you got to try out Tensorflow. I have been using Tensorflow since 2016 and will be guiding you in building your very own Neural Network from scratch using Tensorflow. You will be able to visualize the model, plot real-time statistics of training progress, and understand the nuts and bolts of this beast. So join me in this course and write your very first program in Tensorflow.
What you'll learn
  • Learn the basics of Tensorflow Library
  • Understand what is a Matrix vector multiplication
  • Implement Linear Regression using TensorFlow and
  • Learn about Gradient Descent Algorithm & Hyper-parameter Tuning
  • Implement Neural Networks using TensorFlow

  • Good knowledge of Python
  • Basic knowledge of NumPy

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